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5 months ago - Despite all the arguments of the porn industry, which advocates freedom of speech, it is really protected here that men and sexual violence are toxic. This talks about the toxic men in women and their surroundings, and their total control over the female dolls. The spirit of toxic masculinity, erotic and sex dolls are perfectly reflected.

Yes, tell me one thing, if a man decides to settle for a sex doll, this is a hypothetical choice. They have their reasons. Please note that dolls do not need money, do not need to be jealous, and need to obey. Although women are just the opposite, there are many things to do.

Selling silicone dolls, widely distributed, they become the perfect wife, with a one-year warranty and after-sales service, excluding options: golden wig replacement, silicone breasts, simple wardrobe, sex doll clothing... so ideal.



7 months ago - This is usually not the case unless the doll is explicitly stated to provide semi-permanent makeup. Manufacturers usually spend a lot of time using cosmetics properly, which makes the price even higher. If you are familiar with makeup, sometimes you can save something.

Although inferior wigs circulate in the lowest part, there is not much difference in quality between $1,000 and $3,000. The price of these wigs is usually comparable. In some of the more expensive models, the interior of the breast is hollow. As a result, the breast feels more realistic and the total weight of the doll is reduced.

Which price category is best for you depends on your wishes and budget. Do you like little dolls or big dolls? Do you want a good TPE or can you live with lower quality? My advice is always to make sure you get the price you pay.

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