Bethesda offers solutions for users who purchase the Fallout Power Armor Edition 76

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5 months ago

Fallout 76 Atoms Crashed would be the right term to describe the launch of Fallout 76 a multiplayer and game-like service developed by Bethesda that has not had good reception among players and critics. In case the problems that are presented in the game were not enough abroad there are also negative situations related to the collection edition which have already been answered by the company.

There are several aspects that have not gone well around Fallout 76 as a product; but beyond what we have detailed in our analysis  it should be noted that the Power Armor Edition of the title included a nylon bag and a helmet that did not meet the expectations of buyers (we are talking about a 200 euro edition). After hundreds of complaints Bethesda has committed to a replacement.

After the fans who acquired the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 noticed that the bag in which the traditional helmet of the franchise is kept was made with nylon and its design left much to be desired according to the images with which Bethesda boasted the cheap Fallout 76 Caps definitive edition of the game the company tried to amend the situation by offering 500 atoms in their accounts. However this was not enough to contain the annoyance of those who bought the Power Armor Edition - since they considered that trying to replace a physical product of a special edition with the game currency was not the right thing - for which Bethesda answered a few moments ago informing that it has started with the process of manufacturing new bags with better materials.

To this we must add these last days Bethesda has rewarded some players who claimed to have bought Fallout 76 at full price when during Black Friday it was possible to buy with a 50% discount. The title is available on PC PS4 and Xbox One.

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