A new area is also available with all the Sky Fortress

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MapleStory has established the last chapter of the war with the match's long-awaited villain, the Black Mage. cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos The most anticipated clash occasion in Maple history brings two new Tenebris places, an epic duel against Black Mage's leading Commander Verus Hilla, and the enormous battle from the Dark Mage himself.

Gamers level 200 or greater who have completed the 5th job progress can access the Labyrinth of fretting, Tenebris' next area. In the conclusion of the quest, players will locate Verus Hilla, among the Black Mage's top Commanders, ready to fight. Limina, Tenebris' closing place, is also available as players must help the Tenebris trip escape hazardous situations inside to fill out the Journey of Destiny.

Additionally, every course is going to get a new 5th job skill to resist the Dark Mage and once the Maple Alliance gathers enough Determination to power up the Spark of Determination, all out war breaks loose as the highly anticipated Black Mage Boss Battle is now accessible. With the Black Mage's HP being shared across all of worlds, MapleStory players across the world must work together in this epic struggle to eventually defeat the Dark Mage.

Additionally, new defense missions have been added:Flame Bird Support -- Players will find out the Flame Bird's Summon skill by talking to Helena. While the Flame Bird is rigged, defeated creatures will drop Flame Bird's Determination.Twilight Defense -- This mission involves 2-4 characters joining forces to conquer enemies with cannons and safeguard the castle walls.Battle in Sea -- Players must defeat enemies within the time limitation with ships and team members.

MapleStory two is bringing a ton of developments such as the highly-anticipated Soul Binder course, fresh Sky Fortress place, a PvP mode and more.The match's new Soul Binder class is a hybrid injury dealer and healer who studies ancient magic taught only in the depths of the mysterious Halo Mountains. While her spellcasting power remains raw, players need to train to tap to the catastrophic potential deep indoors.

A new area is also available with all the Sky Fortress, a new staging ground warship that remains in the skies. Together with the new place, the Epic Quest continues with fresh Faction Missions delegated by the five factions who have gathered together including the honorable warriors of the Royal Guard, the representatives of the Dark Wind, along with the religious spellcasters of this Lumiknights. Each faction has its own shop, unique items, skins, chat bubbles, decorations, and more.

In addition, MapleStory two is presenting its own PvP manner together with the Maple Arena, a 1-on-1, best of three matchup involving players to display their skills and claim brand new PvP gear. Also, to bridge the gap for Maplers trying to achieve the previously released Hard Chaos Raids, new Normal Chaos Raids are added and Hard Adventure Dungeons have been corrected to assist players gear up properly for the ultimate challenge of Chaos Raids!

To celebrate the upgrade, MapleStory 2 is hosting a Skybound Celebration event where Maplers Maple story M Mesos degree 10 and above who log-in throughout the first month of the upgrade will receive 30 Elixirs, 30 Master Potions, and a Level Up Booster Ticket, which promotes combat, performance and fishing experience. After players reached level 60, they will be able to maintain additional items including a level-up potion which instantly boosts a character to level 50 and more epic rewards.With the update, joyous seasonal holiday occasions arrive at Maple World. Players can step into Merry Village and maintain dozens of special prizes.

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