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6 months ago

Last week we brought up the upcoming Hideout alterations in Path of Exile: Betrayal. Since then we've received many questions from community concerning the unified Hideout system. We have answered a lot of them in today's news post.

What occurs to my current favour?
All existing favour of all leagues are going to be merged/added together into one number for ones POE Currency account. You is going to be able to waste it in different league with any character, for decorations that happen to be also shared within a similar way.

Is there a decoration limit from the new hideouts?
All Hideouts could have a limit of 750, same because old large-size Hideouts (this number doesn't count masters and special objects such as the waypoint, stash, crafting bench, etc).

Will all the present decorations be purchasable in the future?
We aren't retiring any existing Hideout decorations, actually we are adding many a new for purchase.

Will I keep my current mastercrafting mods?
There is really a new system for mastercrafting mods. They are actually individually unlocked using a per-league basis by completing specific in-game tasks for your new Masters. In Standard leagues, there's every chance that some players will have some mastercrafting mods unlocked, nonetheless they will still have to unlock the remaining by helping the newest Masters.

How many new tilesets exist?
We tend to be than doubling the amount of hideouts. We have kept the main eight hideouts from your old masters, along with addition we have been creating no less than 10 a.

How are hideouts discovered?
Some Hideouts include specific areas during Acts 1 to 10, and a few can only be found in endgame Maps under certain conditions. We will likely sell an impressive ones inside the microtransaction store from the future, and could give some out as prizes for events.

Does any map we clear have that tileset like a hideout?
No, only certain areas have discoverable Hideouts. See above answer for more information.

Are we likely to be given the possiblity to save our current hideouts before they're merged right into a unified one?
Going forward, you might have one hideout from each tileset, fully decorated. You can swap between these at-will. After the 3.5.0 deployment, you'll be able to keep your entire hideouts as long as these are in different tilesets. For ones that share a tileset, the main one with essentially the most decorations is kept.

How will the Master achievement work? ('The Forsaken Masters' - Level 7 Forsaken Masters with their maximum level.)
The old Masters have left, and we now have removed the per-league reputation levels. Instead, each with the new Masters should have an account-wide "Favour Level" that unlocks additional Hideout decorations. The new favour level will probably be tied to completing specific in-game goals, not general grinding. The achievement is going to be updated for being awarded for raising the newest Masters on their maximum favour level.

Will the earlier decorations be tied for the new masters?
Yes. All the existing/existing decorations will likely be available for purchase in the new masters.

If we've level eight in Standard presently, will those be unlocked to purchase already?
Hideout decorations will be unlocked by progression in the new Master's "favour level", which is linked with specific ingame tasks. For example, Zana's level is linked with completing aspects of her questline from the Atlas. So players who may have completed these tasks in Standard will start using them already unlocked, yet it is different per master.

Are the existing tilesets staying or changing in anyway?
The original Hideout tilesets are staying, although those Hideouts are typical being automatically upgraded from what was their largest size. Tora's Lush Hideout has gotten some minor changes on account of water effect improvements.

Also, all hideouts you experienced ever unlocked (through getting the relevant old master to level 3) will always be unlocked for the account.

In addition, all Hideouts now come "pre-decorated" using a few free basic hideout doodads you could keep or modify because you wish. This includes the existing Hideout tilesets.

Will we have more fine treating decoration placement?
We are adding the capacity to flip hideout doodads (i.e. mirror-image them).

Can we place decorations in sections we're not able to walk on?

Can I edit a hideout that a person else distributed to me?
You could make additional changes on your hideout after importing a person's saved hideout. Also the hideout results are saved to plaintext for simple sharing.

Can we rotate the map device and possess the portals rotate by using it?

Will it's made obvious which areas you must full-clear?
You will have to explore to get new Hideouts. When you choose one, it will likely be obvious because there are going to be an NPC there awaiting you. You don't have to clear the entire map, precisely the self-contained Hideout section of it. There is a quest in Act 2 to seek out your first Hideout, when your account doesn't yet use a Hideout.

Can we move the waypoint?
Yes. The waypoint is currently a special Hideout object that is usually moved although not reclaimed or deleted. Similarly, the stash, guild stash, crafting bench, and map device may also be.  Have fun in shopping on MMOAH. Players can buy cheap and safe POE Trade from MMOAH, with fast delivery, all-weather online.

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