Can Pistons' Andre Drummond actually become 3-point threat?

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6 months ago

The Pistons already went through a several changes this offseason. On May 7, they fired head coach Stan Van Gundy and weeks later parted ways with general manager Jeff Bower. On June 11, Detroit hired Dwane Casey as its newest head coach.
With a fresh head coach comes a brand new playing style, and two-time NBA All-Star Andre Drummond is preparing with the upcoming season by fitting in with add 3-point shooting to his offensive arsenal.
"I don't do stuff (at basketball) to have fun," Drummond told theScore at Team USA minicamp. "If I'm taking those shots, (this is because) I'm taking care of it with the upcoming season. Those are shots that I'm likely to be taking.
"I make at the very least 200 corner 3s daily before I leave the NBA Live Mobile Coins health club. I'm providing them with up. I'm receiving the same raised over and over again, so I'm receiving targeted comfortable by using it. It's been great to date."
Should he be aimed at this facet of his game?'s Scott Rafferty recently outlined how his shooting could be beneficial for Detroit's offense.
Adding a 3-point shot to his game would definitely help a Pistons team that enters next season that has a projected starting lineup of Reggie Jackson, Reggie Bullock, Stanley Johnson, Blake Griffin and Drummond. Other than Bullock, who emerged as one in the best spot-up shooters from the league last season, Detroit lacks players who will be counted on to space a floor at a reliable rate for his or her two All-Stars and Jackson, an energetic point guard who consistently ranks nearby the top on the league in drives per game.
Even if Drummond became the average shooter from long range, it'd make up for some in the spacing problems that have prevented the Pistons from being a decent offensive team in days gone by.
While the reasoning makes sense the theory is that, Drummond's good having a poor shooting touch (career free throw shooting area of 42.1) greatly decreases the possibilities of him actually making a respectable 3-point shot.
The concern is Drummond hasn't shown many indications of being a capable outside shooter within his NBA career. While he's coming off his most successful season through the free throw line, he's taken a full of 30 3-pointers since he was selected with all the No. 9 pick inside 2012 NBA Draft and hubby's made only 29.1 % of his field goal attempts from midrange, the bulk of that have come inside form of deep hook shots out from the post, not jump shots.
Most of Drummond's 3-point attempts happen to be heaves at the conclusion of quarters or using the shot clock winding down, too. There aren't many types of him taking an in-rhythm 3-pointer in a very Pistons uniform.
The first full season from the Drummond-Griffin experiment is going to be markedly distinct from last season's 25-game sample. If Griffin, who made 1.9 3-pointers per game not too long ago, and Drummond can both be effective in the perimeter, the Pistons would likely reach new heights and return for the playoffs.
But that's one big "if" considering Drummond's absence of experience outside with the paint. If you want to learn more about NBA Mobile Coins, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.

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