Path of Exile: The Awakening first details — Rethinking the skill tree

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2 months ago

New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games does a good job maintaining Path of Exile with updates since free-to-play action RPG released in late 2013. Soon, they’ll be putting the biggest group of weapons, skill jewels, levels, along with other stuff to Buy POE Currency date in a expansion called The Awakening, "Act 4" of PoE. Grinding Gear stopped by our office earlier immediately to show it.

Path of Exile: The Awakening is making significant additions for the base game’s core systems and story. You’ll wade into Highgate, checking home of “The Beast,” an enormous bad who’s awakening could trigger a cataclysm. Within Highgate, Grinding Gear showed me levels that have been constructed through the dreams of characters in Path of Exile lore. There was Daresso’s Dream, a muddy area that have the look of WWI trenches mixed that has a Roman arena. The level itself culminated in a arena-style fight, a representation of Daresso’s history like a character. Grinding Gear says there is going to be nine “act boss-caliber” boss fights in The Awakening, many of whom will likely be against legendary figures from Wraeclast’s past, like Voll, Kaom, and Daresso himself.

More exciting, maybe, would be the changes you can actually make to existing characters and also the new builds that The Awakening's new items should inspire. Path of Exile is renowned for its ludicrous skill tree, but as opposed to simply making that sprawling web of icons more enormous, Grinding Gear are adding new socketable jewels which may have interesting effects spanning a radius in the skill tree—see above. They’re adding AOE effects in the skill tree, essentially. One jewel they showed me, Eldritch Knowledge, gave +1% increased chaos damage per 10 INT from allocated passives in radius. So when you could get a spot inside the tree in places you’d already allocated a lots of intelligence bonus-granting skills, you can stack a lot of chaos damage atop that. Other jewels I saw are definitely more mechanical than stat-driven: Selfless Leadership applies bonuses from passives in the radius for a minions rather than you, and Intuitive Leap grants you the passives inside of a radius while being competent to ignore their requirements.

Grinding Gear’s goal is to offer players exciting tools and ideas to have fun with. “We love it once the community comes up having a build we've never witnessed before,” producer and lead programmer Jonathan Rogers laughed and said. Partly as the possibilities presented with that new mechanic are incredibly great, however, Grinding Gear will manage a beta for The Awakening beginning April 20. You can join it here.


The Awakening will likely add new equipment (Maraketh weapons) and over 70 new unique circumstances to bring against now double the quantity of different enemies. I saw Empire's Grasp, a couple Goliath Gauntlets that reversed knockback damage—them would essentially pull enemies toward you, which can be especially useful against some bosses, Grinding Gear laughed and said. There was also Sire of Shards, which caused socketed gems to fireside their spell inside a nova, encouraging someone to get right in to the middle of enemies which means that your spell could erupt from all directions.

Grinding Gear says they’ll be also touching up other details of the action, like UI presentation and gameplay options, within the expansion. PoE’s also being rebalanced achievable players to create their entry in the game a tad smoother. I'm surprised that a whole new character class isn't a part of the bundle, but otherwise this seems such as a massive wave of brand new toys and new content for hardcore left-clickers to use. Have fun in shopping on MMOAH. Players can buy cheap and safe POE Goods from MMOAH, with fast delivery, all-weather online.

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