The Canceled Final Fantasy XII Sequel: Narrative and Gameplay Revealed

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2 months ago

This is an element two of your three-part story about Fortress, the canceled Final Fantasy XII spin-off in development with now-defunct studio Grin inside the late 2000s. Be sure to take a look at part one, a short look at how the project started and why that it was canceled, and our exclusive gallery featuring five dozen components of concept art from Fortress. In 2009, Swedish studio Grin shut its FFXIV Gil doors. Months later, reports surfaced that in the time closure, the studio was implementing a Final Fantasy spin-off. Codenamed Fortress, the project would serve like a sequel to, and likely the ultimate chapter of, Final Fantasy XII.
After its cancellation, specifics about Fortress beyond news of that existence were scarce. Interviews with former studio heads Bo and Ulf Andersson and snippets leaked to press described an action role-playing game set some years as soon as the events of 2007 Nintendo DS title Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. A majority with the game came about in a fortress inside a northern part of Ivalice--one with the Final Fantasy series' many worlds--with players controlling just one character. What that character did, who that character was, and what are the overarching plot was were never discussed in more detail.
Several sources explained that many from the people involved about the project were not really acquainted with Final Fantasy XII, although some had no experience using the Final Fantasy games. According to one source, associates would spend hours on Wikipedia and YouTube researching the sport and other Square Enix titles set from the world of Ivalice. Extensive research took up a good deal of development time. One source said the localizer for the project served as being the lore expert, since he was the most acquainted with Final Fantasy XII.
"The biggest challenge on an IP that way is getting to understand the lore and intricate specifics of such an immense gameworld," one source laughed and said. "Obviously I couldn't take a moment and play Final Fantasy XII for 200 hours, so a lot in the non-main information like dialogue and world exploration that wasn't inside the [cutscenes] would need to be learn about.
"Then comes the added level of headache over designing an issue that has already been designed; the amount of can be changed and what must be changed?""It had a great deal of potential and the overall game would happen to be great as we could have caused it to be like we planned to complete," Andersson said of Fortress. "But with the same time, I think Square Enix did the right thing by canceling the whole lot.” Furthermore, if you would like to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!

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