The Sneakiest Tanks in World of Tanks

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3 months ago

As for its characteristics, this vehicle is mostly known for being one of the sneakiest tanks in World of Tanks. It is a German Tier VII vehicle, and it is considered quite controversial. It moves quick and deals massive damage while sneaking up on its enemies. Because it has quite weak features, its best chance is to take advantage of its unique speed. For the next two weeks, and two weeks only, World of Tanks Blitz players will be able to get their hands on a brand new tank designed by legendary comic book artist Brett Parson, the genius behind Tank Girl. The new tank, named The Smasher, has been custom created for the game in iconic Tank Girl style and can be seen in the thick of action in the new trailer below.
Xbox Mixer sat down with Lead Game Designer Jeff Gregg and Community Manager RaiBOT01 at this year's E3 to talk about the console exclusive expansion coming to the Xbox versions of World of Tanks. If you are you looking for more about Buy World of Tanks Gold check out our website. Announced earlier this month, the new expansion "World of Tanks: Mercenaries" will come with plenty of new content for PvE and PvP, including a new story, maps, tanks, and a whole lot more. In the Xbox Mixer interview, we learn more about the upcoming DLC as well as get to check out the trailer and new gameplay.
The expansion will introduce a new "nation": Mercenaries. They're crews of hired guns with no national loyalties. This will bring a complete tech tree full of new vehicles. The tanks available here have been built using parts scavenged from the vehicles of different nations, meaning they've been tailored to the needs of the unique Mercenary crews that pilot them. When the expansion launches, five vehicles will be available. Over the coming months, promises the Mercenary nation will grow alongside their notoriety. You can see some of those vehicles and the tech tree below.
Initially, five Mercenary tanks will be available at launch starting today. Besides that, World of Tanks Mercenaries will also introduce a new PvE story campaign titled The Heist, which follows a crew of Mercenaries on a mission to steal nuclear material for a client. During their mission, they find themselves in conflict with the combined military might of the United States and the Soviet Union.
World of Tanks is definitely one of those games that you either love or have never played. But with an install base of 15 million players, it may be worth checking out what all the hype is about. Its never too late to give a game a chance. The E 25 bundle is currently discounted at Wargamings Store. You can purchase its Standard Bundle that comes with 6,000 gold, two bonus items and 15 missions that grant you with x5 XP for each victory. Or, you can go for its Best Buy Bundle that is currently 28% off its original price. It contains 12,000 gold, 30 days of Premium Account and 12 bonus items. Make the right choice and enjoy E 25 on the battlefield.

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