MapleStory M Beta is almost globally available

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4 months ago

Some of you may remember MapleStory, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that started in 2003. Although the original game was still solid, a derivative game called MapleStory M was launched in 2016, although it only launches in South Korea. Now that the game is going to develop in other parts of the world, its Beta is now available.

In a website article, MapleStory franchise developer NEXON announced that MapleStory M, which can be a mobile version from the original game, currently is in Beta which enables it to now be downloaded and played through the Google Play Store. This Beta is available by January 30th and pertains to all regions except Korea, Japan, and China. However, I believe which should be implemented soon. Players can Buy Maplestory M Mesos first, with already cut prices at a hefty amount.

MapleStory M will mainly include the same features as the original MapleStory, such as plundering dungeons, when making a raid with friends, but those who play Beta will also notice something new. For example, this Beta will allow players to play five new characters, Dark Knight, Bowmasters, Night Lord, Bishop or Captain, as well as new forging systems that are not in the original game.

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