True community is thriving can not say anything to RuneScape gold

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Posted by: Rskingdom
5 months ago

True community is thriving can not say anything to RuneScape gold. Concerning relevancy... How often do you see dorgeshuun or elves. I am sick of people literally being like"oh my god osrs is wonderful it is a golden age of this franchise owing to it" while multiple upgrades in last year basically do the same thing which destroyed market back in the Runescape3.

I played osrs for 2 decades and played 3 years from 2007-10 and literally last five months made me switch to Runescape3 that I now play for a bit more than a month. Runescape3 might have MTX but holy shit the ammount of articles for all there is amazing and skilling does not feel as a exact same fucking content for 120 hours directly (yes I am looking in the osrs runecrafting). Zeah amazing content and both raids will also be good but ffs either nerf current best pvm moneymakers that I mentioned or enthusiast aged PvM loot tables because drops out of uniques are unhappy at shit like GWD for your effort you have to make compared to material like revs that got even more buffed by wildy firearms.

I played with it for quite a very long time as it was new, and played RS Vintage for the couple years that it was until 2 came out buy RS gold. Plus it really was amazing no doubt about it. But honestly, it's an ancient relic today, and though I've tried before to give it another go, I simply can not find it interesting any more like I did when I was 10. Thus, guess you are wrong.

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