New trends in Indian Wedding in Gurgaon- Theme based weddings

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4 months ago

The trends of weddings are completely changed nowadays, gone are the days when the family members arrange a small wedding at the home and women's work in the kitchen to prepare the feast. At present, the income of the middle-class people is constantly increasing and as a result of which we are regularly witnessing extravagant weddings in India as well. The lifestyle of the average middle-class is completely changed because of the too much exposure to the internet and new technology. So if your relatives are inviting you for a destination or cruise weeding then please do not get surprised as it is quite common now. But what I want to discuss in this article is a budget-friendly yet classy wedding.

If you are living in Gurgaon or nearby areas and looking for some suitable place for your weeding then you should visit online and get a complete knowledge of different attractive offers provided by the Banquet halls in GurgaonWhen you have a limited budget and yet wanted to do something special then you should go for theme-based weddings which can impress everyone for sure.

Here we are discussing different wedding themes which are provided by the banquet halls in Gurgaon. Now you may find world-class wedding planners and venues in tier 2 cites of our country as well. The wedding venues in Gurgaon are also coming up with world-class facilities for all the customers. Even you can plan a theme-based wedding in your home town. 

Some trending themes of this year are


In this kind of theme, delicate lighting along with different kinds of flowers is used by party venues in Gurgaon to create a wonderful ambience. In this theme highlighting lights also used to create a magical night.


In modern weddings, everything is classy right from the dresses of the bride and groom to decorations, and background as well. In this theme, very bold colours are used for decorations by wedding planners. Several banquet halls in Gurgaon are suitable for such kind of wedding.


No matter how modern you are, for the wedding, most of us go with traditional routes. Here you will found traditional music, clothes, and delicious taste of Indian dishes. For a traditional wedding, you need a big hall which has all the facilities for performing different rituals related to the wedding.

You can select any of the above-mentioned themes to make your wedding different from others. Nowadays western styles are fused with Indian traditions to create some special combination.

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