Desperate Times has been announced and is coming out RuneScape gold in July

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3 months ago

So the new quest following the events of Desperate Times has been announced and is coming out RuneScape gold in July. It is a location North East of Daemonheim that can currently be viewed on the planet map.Part of the newspost stated:"Incidentally, a week's Land From Time teaser was just a glimpse of the wonderful adventures waiting in the far away land of Anachronia. "This confirms that it's not Orthen.Also at a livestream when we kept asking about it, Mod Jack and Mod Shogun kept hinting it being'a HAM'.

So Kerapac flies east of this needle location, (fossil island is towards the east). So we might have to visit the historian in varrock and utilize our kudos to eventually travel to the illusive fossil island that is no longer fossil island. Hence the"land out of time" title. It'll be the first step to stopping kerapac who's amassing the artifacts like they are infinity stones to snap the world away.

(he has the mirror, the needle and the staff of armadyl though he destroyed the stone of jas since he needed to break his relationship ). I am hoping parts of the property will possess skeletal dragonkin/dactyl races along with other elements will have dwelling dinosaurs and etc.. But I do believe that the needle to reverse the time around the island is being used by kerapac. Additionally runescape's instagram replied to a comment asking whether the island is really a prequel to buy old school rs gold fossil island and runescape responded with something along the lines of"shh! Something like this" but they have since removed that comment. Thats my theory.

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