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12 days ago

Sex Dolls-Some cool things about these real love sex dolls. Many of these dolls can customize the face and head to suit your needs and lighten your fantasies. But then again, the choice of custom tailoring is obviously unlimited, because there are various styles in hair, eye color, vagina, areola, and even labia, labia, etc., and they all vary in style and variety the same. Modifications also include the option of shrugging the shoulders, ball joint wrists, and standing feet, both of which allow more postures to add a realistic erotic flavor to the entire experience.

In recent times, more and more experiments have allowed basic and tailored possibilities for dolls to make them suitable for real-life sex idols like Sasha Gray or your favorite Japanese AV model. Experiments are taking place in both the virtual and artificial intelligence fields, and these lives will soon be introduced like silicone sex dolls.

Dolls are mostly guys-this is absolutely true now! This is because most doll buyers are male customers! This does not mean that the customer base is no different. But things are changing now! Women also came out of the comfort zone and fully explored sex! Although there are many male customers, the number of female customers is not bad!

sexy sex dolls

The process is very simple. Visit the site, choose your model based on your budget and preferences, order one, and then continue to pay, even without door-to-door delivery. In modern society, the legal obligation to provide financial support to spouses before and after separation is very common. We cannot underestimate some legal liabilities. Especially during love. We cannot deny our responsibility, especially when we have children. For men, this is especially frustrating, especially for those who are more willing to become polygamous, because the money will be used for alimony. Adult toys are the ideal choice when you don't want to worry about spending money on your partner during or after a relationship. The only form of doll that needs your maintenance is regular cleaning and proper storage between each use.

Medical silicone is an expensive material, so silicone sex dolls cost almost twice as much. They are more durable and more resistant to wear and tear, and they are less susceptible to deformation and soiling, but they are harder to touch than TPE models. In terms of hygiene, it is best to use condoms. Sperm does not affect the material. To clean intimate holes, there is a special syringe. After operation, clean the holes with soapy water. It's important to dry your genitals or you will get moldy inside.

Try different poses and endurance-A sex doll allows you to show your skills and wildness, while allowing sexual endurance to be used in the room. You can enjoy the fun of dolls without ever climaxing. For example, you will find various dolls according to your preferences, such as flat chest sex dolls, ebony dolls, etc. If you own a doll, the best part is that you can try everything you might not be able to try.

No need for petting and expensive dating-initially, your love doll sex may cost you a little money, but once you bring it home, she will still be a good girl. All she wants from you is a little care-including cleaning and proper storage. These dolls don't need any expensive dating and care to avoid going to work. In fact, all you need to do is prepare a few sets of clothes for her and perform regular cleaning when done.

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