MU Origin’s latest update

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11 months ago

MU Origin’s latest update, Cry Wolf Battle Brings different new content these days..

WEBZEN, a worldwide developer and publisher of free-to-play games, these days launched another content update for its period of time mobile MMORPG mu legend zen letter of the alphabet Origin.
The latest update to letter of the alphabet Origin, Cry Wolf Battle includes new options from its new club encirclement battle to the refinements and enhancements.
A period of time server cheap mu legend zen club encirclement, “Cry Wolf Battle,” has been added  to the sport. A minimum of club cardinal.5 is needed to hitch the Cry Wolf Battle, the club takes on a special fort in a very battle to beat the defenses and maintain a fastness there.
Battles happen a day at specific times, with registration needed to require on a fort. If they occupy the highest-level fort, grade ten fort, their club will receive a special cheap mu zen title because the high club of the letter of the alphabet Continent.BY here now..welcome!

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