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The UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist, Denplan has over 6,500 member dentists and around 1.7 million patients across the country, as well as serving over 1,900 companies with employee benefit schemes.

Set up by two dentists in 1986, Denplan was created to assist both patients and practice team members with private dental care, offering a range of dental payment plans to suit every oral health need and budget.

Supporting a preventive approach to private dental care, Denplan payment plans help our patients to stop dental problems before they start. With the very best oral health advice, up-to-date dental knowledge and the latest innovative techniques, our dentists and their practice teams work with our patients so that they can enjoy healthy teeth and gums for life by

Pet Health Plans was also launched by us in 2007 to offer support to veterinary practices wanting to a build regular and sustainable income by offering their clients preventive health plans

Join Denplan as a dentist
Why join? Become a Denplan dentist and you’ll receive more for your membership, and payment plans that patients ask for by name.

When you join Denplan as a dentist, you receive access to services that benefit you, your practice and your patients.

We aim to help our practices grow and increase their profitability, and that’s why we offer a wealth of support services as part of your membership.

You’ll have access to business and marketing support and consultancy, as well as support with Dental Regulations. You’ll have access to a wide range of training opportunities for you and your whole team, many at reduced costs. And we’ll even work with you to create bespoke training for your practice.

We’ll also assign you a Denplan Consultant as your first point of contact for any support or advice you need, and a Practice Support Advisor to assist you with any day-to-day enquiries

How do I join?
Just complete our application form and we’ll send you an invoice for the joining fee shortly after we receive your application. It only costs £50 to become a member.

In our one-page online application form we’ll ask you for the following information:dentist-recommend

Your GDC number
A bit about you, including your professional qualifications
Your practice name and address
A few questions about your application.

Once your membership application is complete, your Denplan Consultant can help you with:

Financial analysis and fee setting
Choosing the right plans
Mailing your patients about the plans you’ve chosen
Staff training

Get in touch with us
If you have any questions, or to find out more about any aspect of Denplan, please contact us through the relevant department listed below.


Core office hours are from 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am to 4:30pm Friday. We may record and/or monitor calls.

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