to maintain the hair to retain their brilliance

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7 months ago

2 / the low plated ponytail have a low ponytail hair wet, tight, in order to tackle the roots of your scalp. let dry completely, and then pull the rubber band. a good method for those who want to become more flexible and tame the volume of their hair. the trick: use an elastic spring to avoid forming a mark in your hair. 3 / the games of pins comb your hair wet in the back of the head, and then flatten it against your scalp with small hooks. get the length on one side of the head, again using pins. allow them to dry overnight. in the morning, you get a haircut, very natural lacewigsbuy UK. 4 / the brazilian blowout if you want to make curly hair or curly, meet me in the living room to make a care to keratin, type brazilian blowout. the hair is much more flexible and easy to wear for six months and tame frizz. from the hair to the darker manes, with just a few strokes so that the hair is in the ascendant. but how to maintain the hair to retain their brilliance? follow our advice.

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