it is very suitable for thick hair

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6 months ago

sophie marceau, caroline laetitia horizontal receiver, and monica bellucci. they are all in the section on each side of the face, long hair full lace wigs uk. the reason? it is up to the hair and soft features. see our tips for use with style. the fringe curtain, what is it? it is a long and thick bangs, which has the particularity to be capped on either side of the face. they may be straight or slightly rounded up (i.e., longer on the sides and in the center of the forehead), depending on the desired effect, and the shape of the face that she dressed. the fringe curtain, i adopt? it is very suitable for thick hair, wavy or straight. it also has the advantage of ease slightly, the oval face and the line of your cheekbone. ideal for round or square face, please do not hesitate to direct its movement toward the outside of the face with the aid of a straightener or realizing your hair, to enhance and improve the features.

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