Take-Two Interactive and Yotta Games released a new trailer for Mafia City

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11 months ago

Study Up on Your Criminal Ecology 101 with the New Mafia City Video
Today, Take-Two Interactive and Yotta Games released a new trailer for Mafia City, which breaks down how the criminals will interact with the environment, as well Lincoln’s own effect on them.
Denby Grace, the executive producer on the game, joins design director Matthias Worch in providing viewers with an explanation on how the criminals affect both the story elements as well as the open world activities of the game.
The criminals are all connected to the various open world activities in the game. For example, play mafia online,  if you want to take on the gangsters at the construction yard, which has been demoed in the past, you can take on the thugs protecting the operation. Then, Grace explains, you can interrogate the foreman working at the racket. With that information, players will now have a better idea how the construction racket works. Now that Lincoln has the additional information, this will unlock more missions to undertake.
Worch states, “We’ve put a lot of work into modeling the way the mafia operate and how it kind of seeps into the foundations of a city.” The designer then goes on to state how some bosses running different parts of the city in Mafia City will have their own businesses to front activities they would like to keep on a more discretionary basis.
Enforcer characters will be important when players go to take down rackets in Maifa III. Taking down an enforcer, Worch states, means the operation “will run much less smoothly.” Players will not be forced to take the enforcers out, but any enforcers not taken out will head back into the hideout, making them harder to take out. When enforcers fall back, this can possibly increase the difficulty of the hideout.
Are you signing up for Criminal Ecology 101? Are you excited for Mafia City when it comes out on May, 11, 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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