Rainbow Six Siege Content Update Available

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8 months ago

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By far the biggest issue has been connection errors affecting matchmaking, especially for North American gamers on every platform. The problems were reported almost once the update came, and two days later, continue to cause problems. Ubisoft has offered workarounds between altering your DNS to Google ones, however, this' potency has been questioned from the community.

Secondly, after it had been discovered for fostering that a number of players were banned, Ubisoft has needed to undo a current wave of bans. For fostering all players that were given a 15-day suspension have had their bans and also nearer investigations were carried out to ascertain who was not wrongfully suspended and who. Those found guilty while naive players will receive a 30-day Renown Booster had suspensions reinstated this week.

While this ban came August 31, before Grim Sky's launch, Ubisoft's fixes to the issues came at some time it ought to have been able to focus on the upgrade. Additionally, it raises concerns in the area surrounding Ubisoft but occasionally flawed enforcement of the rules of the game, such as criticism of their execution of this game language filters.

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